How long is my CMX title valid for?

The validity of each CMX level certificate and the CMX title is two years, starting from the date in which you receive your CMX results by email. We recommend you check the validity of your CMX title by visiting our CMX member search page, and take the next step in your CMX journey or renew your CMX title, before it expires.

For CMX Level 3, in exceptional manners, the validity can be extended upon proof of contribution to the digital commerce field or continuous learning in the area. A few months before the title expires, CMX Titleholders are contacted via email and are required to fill out a form detailing their contributions to the digital commerce field during the period in which they held the title. The answers are analyzed, and extensions are granted to those who demonstrate that they have kept their knowledge and contributions current. This extension policy applies exclusively to CMX Level 3; Levels 1 and 2 are not eligible for validity extension. Only one validity extension can be granted per Certificate Number, and after expiration, candidates must retake the CMX Level 3 exam.