We know how challenging it is to enter the job market without recommendations, and with little experience.

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Did you know that e-commerce employment grew more than any other retail vertical over the past 15 years, creating 178,000 new jobs?

Simultaneously, employers both recognize and value professional certificates: they are on average 76% more likely to hire a candidate who has earned one.

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Be prepared to conquer one of the fastest growing industries with the CMX Level 1 Programme.

In this beginner-level certificate programme you will learn the fundamentals of ecommerce. You'll be empowered by all the resources and tools to help you successfully prepare and practise for the Commerce Management Certification Level 1 exam. 

"I highly recommend the CMX Programme to anyone who is interested in digital commerce, because the CMX Exam challenges us to real life situations and cases. One amazing thing about it is that, after the test, you receive a report showing what are your strengths and where you need to improve."

Inácio Martins, CMX

Account Executive | VTEX

Get the skills you need to become a certified Commerce Management Executive CMX.


Prove your understanding of the fundamentals of ecommerce (upon approval on the CMX Level 1 exam)


Gain the skills needed to land an entry-level job in ecommerce


Gauge your commerce knowledge in all 5 knowledge dimensions

CMX Level 1 Learning Path 

Learn the fundamentals of ecommerce, including resources and tools to help you successfully prepare and practise for the exam, and eventually become a CMX - Level 1 Candidate

  • 1 diagnostic exam with 60 multiple choice questions

  • Rich study material covering all commerce Knowledge Dimensions. Module will be released weekly.

  • Interactive quizzes and exercises

  • A recall exam with 120 multiple choice questions

  • Exam tips and best practices, including a demo of the final exam environment. 

  • Additional learning resources.


This exam evaluates overall knowledge in commerce, with a broad approach over the essential subjects applicable to any digital commerce professional.

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Live and proctored environment. Exam required to be taken in a computer

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Modules Overview

1: Sales & Merchandising

  • Module 1.1: Business planning & tools

  • Module 1.2: Sales cycle management

  • Module 1.3: Channel management

  • Module 1.4: Growth optimisation strategies

2: Finance & Accounting

  • Module 2.1: Financial statements and accounting concepts

  • Module 2.2: Costs and investments associated with commerce operations

  • Module 2.3: Financial components applied within a company structure

  • Module 2.4: Business finance

3: Supply Chain & Operations

  • Module 3.1: Demand planning & inventory management

  • Module 3.2: Logistics & Distribution

  • Module 3.3: Customer service operations

  • Module 3.4: Supply chain & customer service optimisation strategies

4: Data & Technology

  • Module 4.1:Technology overview & performance tracking

  • Module 4.2:Websites, web programming & commerce infrastructure

  • Module 4.3: Integrations and supporting operating systems

  • Module 4.4: Data applicability in commerce

5: Digital Marketing

  • Module 5.1: Digital media channel management

  • Module 5.2: Search Engine Optimisation

  • Module 5.3: Digital Media channel management

  • Module 5.4: Digital marketing optimisation strategies

Who is the CMX Level 1 Learning Path for?

For professionals who want to have a comprehensive view of digital commerce, who seek to stand out in the market and who want to make a difference in the companies where they work.

For people who want to migrate to another area and enter one of the fastest growing segments in the world that still has a lot of room for expansion.

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Why become a CMX Titleholder

Due to the holistic approach of the CMX curriculum, titleholders are qualified to occupy different positions around the commerce industry. Making the CMX designation highly valued by employers and job seekers as well. 

+ US$ 109k

Average Salary in US***


Boost your hiring opportunities

Global Recognition

Industry-leading digital certificates

Download a free sample of the CMX Learning Path

In this document you will find a sample of what you will have access to in the CMX Level 1 Learning Path: the definition and an answered question for one of the topics of each of the Knowledge Dimensions.

The certification of the best executives around the world

Commerce Management Certification is the world's leading certification for commerce professionals. Through a 3-level exam pathway, Commerce Management Executives (CMX) can prove and certify their knowledge and expertise.

This certificate programme is hosted by EICOM Institute, an institution that enables digital transformation worldwide through collaborative education and quality certification. With more than 2,000 trained professionals, in more than 50 countries, EICOM Institute is the largest network of experts in digital commerce.