Code of ethics and standards of professional conduct

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Our values are always present in all of our practices. They shape every decision we take, and guide us throughout our mission in setting global standards for Commerce Management Executives, CMX. Adhering to ethical conduct has shown to reduce risk, promote and maintain integrity, transparency and accountability within the digital commerce profession.

The Commerce Management Certification Code of Ethics and our 7 Standards of Professional Conduct serve as general ethical and professional guidelines for all CMX Programme Members.

Code of Ethics

Who is this code for?

This code applies for all CMX Programme members, including CMX titleholders, candidates for CMX designation, organisations or individuals who register to the CMX programme, employees, contributors and collaborators of the Commerce Management Certification programme.

All the aforementioned individuals and organisations agree to:

  • Act in an ethical manner when dealing with the public, clients and stakeholders, keeping integrity, diligence, and respect in mind.

  • Place the integrity of the digital commerce profession and the interests of relevant stakeholders above their own personal interests.

  • Protect proprietary or confidential information entrusted to commerce professionals. 

  • Practice, encourage and guide others to practice commerce in a professional and ethical manner.

  • Promote the integrity of digital commerce for the ultimate benefit of society. 

  • Report any suspicious misconduct seen from any CMX candidates or titleholders.

7 Standards of professional conduct

We firmly believe that all Commerce Management Executives should foster:


Professionalism: Have the skill to act in a respectful and polite manner to others. Have good judgment. Be aware, understand and abide by local laws, regulations and legal obligations.


Honesty & Integrity: Act in an accountable manner, consistent with the good reputation of the commerce profession and refrain from any conduct which might discredit it.


Fair Play: Encourage fair commerce policies, including enforcing and promoting sustainable and environmentally-responsible practices. 


Confidentiality: Respect the integrity and the confidentiality of the information entrusted to commerce professionals.


Professional Development: Maintain, encourage and continuously commit to improving professional competence of all digital commerce professionals.


Diversity & Inclusion: Foster practices that promote equal opportunities, diversity, inclusivity and dignity to all underrepresented groups.


Cultural Awareness: Promote and demonstrate sensitivity to global cultures, customs and beliefs.

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