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What does a CMX Titleholder do?

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Commerce Management Certification titleholders work in various leadership roles in the commerce industry. They utilise their technical expertise to run digital commerce operations at global retailers and in commerce-related enterprises. Distinguished by the seal of excellence, CMX, after their names, titleholders are highly sought after as professionals for senior positions due to their proven competencies.

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Career Paths for CMX Titleholders

Due to the holistic approach of the CMX programme, candidates need to prove their skills in the 5 main knowledge dimensions required for running a modern commerce operation.

That is why CMX titleholders are qualified to occupy many different positions in any one of those verticals, in and around the commerce industry. Making the CMX designation highly valued by employers and job seekers as well. 

Typical job titles for CMX titleholders:

  • Ecommerce Director
  • Solution Architect
  • Sales Director
  • Head of Strategy/Operations
  • Customer Success Director
5 commerce knowledge dimensions evaluated by CMX exams: Digital Marketing, Sales and Merchandising, Supply Chain and Operations, Technology and Data, Finance and Accounting.

Typical CMX titleholder profile


Have higher education level


3+ years of commmerce experience


Work in leadership positions

What is the typical salary for CMX titleholders?

Compensation varies widely and is influenced by numerous factors, such as seniority level, industry, and other broad regional, gender and cultural differences. Moreover, a significant amount of compensation for sales and growth positions take the form of bonuses, which makes the comparison even more complex.

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An independent compensation study conducted by EICOM Institute in 2022 found out that the average annual salary for the most common positions held by CMX titleholders in the US is US$109K+

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Earning the CMX title gives you the distinction of joining a high-level professional community - an achievement that can open doors for career growth and place yourself as a reference in the market.

CMX journey


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Personalised Journey (starting from 6 months)

1-2 years

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US$ 650 (if you take the three exams)

€ 32,000 - € 90,000

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In-depth understanding of commerce practices

    Broad list of business concepts

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    Approx. 46% pass rate for CMX Level 1

    Pass rate varies

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    Award for Completion

    Professional designation

    Degree certificate

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