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The right people in the right place creates the most positive impact in a business. Discover how the CMX exams can help your company!

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Driving real outcomes that impact your business

High talent density

Taking part in our exams and holding a CMX Title will ensure your commerce team consists of high-level talent. A highly talented and well prepared team determines the success of your business.

Keep knowledge current

In order to keep their titles, candidates are required to take the exam every 2 years, guaranteeing that they, and by consequence your organisation, are up to date on commerce knowledge and can thrive in current market challenges.

Reduce turnover

Lack of learning and development opportunities is one of the main causes of employee turnover. The preparation for the CMX exams has been proven as a journey of challenge and growth for many employees.

Hear from some companies who have experience the CMX Journey

How has the CMX certification helped us? We as Ecomsur, as a company specialised in full commerce, what we sell to our clients is our knowledge, and above all the ecommerce environment. So it is very important for us to have highly trained people from the best professionals in the market and obviously this certification gives us a yardstick that can begin to objectively measure the level of professionalism that our executives have.

We work hand in hand with EICOM, we are doing some programs to be able to certify our executives to achieve this level of attention. In the end, what we want is to transfer this knowledge to our clients.

Mario Miranda, CMX

CEO of Ecomsur (Chile)


Having an EICOM certification, a CMX certification for Ecomsur, has allowed us to raise the bar in all our talent acquisition and also it guarantees our clients that we're going to be giving them the best service with the talents that we can have and we can provide for them.

CMX certification can allow us to improve and to compete further in an industry where talent acquisition has become a challenge every day.

Having our team members certificated in EICOM with the CMX level allows us to measure the knowledge and experience that our team members have, and that allows us to guarantee our clients the level of service that we can provide for them.

Magdalena del Solar Pérez, CMX

Head of Sales, Ecomsur (LATAM)


The global standard in the commerce industry

Highlight your company's commitment to excellence and put the CMX title at the centre of your hiring and development programmes.

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Be intentional about people strategy

Make conscious choices that ensure you are hiring and keeping the best talent in your commerce team.

The Commerce Management Certification is a global recognition of the best talented commerce professionals. The exam assesses the holistic knowledge of professionals across 5 knowledge dimensions, through a neutral assessment up to date with the latest market trends.

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5 commerce knowledge dimensions evaluated by CMX exams: Digital Marketing, Sales and Merchandising, Supply Chain and Operations, Technology and Data, Finance and Accounting.

Do you need to train your commerce team?

In addition to the Commerce Management Certification, EICOM Institute also has other education initiatives to transform companies. Find out more about what we can do for your team:

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