Can I receive a printed copy of my certificate?

By default, all CMX candidates will receive a digital badge for their achievement upon passing levels 1 and 2. After passing level 3, however, they will receive a digital badge and also the CMX digital certificate, which has a print-ready high-quality PDF format. 

CMX titleholders can also opt to receive a paid high-quality paper certificate sent by  mail, for an additional USD $50 per certificate. This high quality paper certificate has EICOM Institute handcrafted wax seal.

Should you opt for the paid printed copy, please send an email to within a month after receiving your digital credentials, providing the following information:

  • Name of the Candidate (as to be Printed on the Certificate):
  • Date of the exam:
  • Complete address:
  • Street:
  • Number:
  • Province/State:
  • Zip Code:
  • Country:

Notice: Only people approved on the CMX Level 3 exam can purchase a printed copy of the certificate.