Do I need to take the exams in consecutive order, starting from Level 1 to Level 3?


It is a requirement to pass all three CMX levels in consecutive order. Candidates must pass Level 1, then Level 2, and finally Level 3 to attain the CMX Title.

For instance, if a candidate wishes to register for the Level 3 exam, they must have an active Level 2 title at the time of registration. Similarly, a candidate needs to have an active Level 1 title to register for a Level 2 exam.

An exception applies for candidates renewing an active title, in which case they can retake the same exam level. For example, a candidate with an active Level 3 title, but whose Level 1 and Level 2 titles have expired, can directly register for the Level 3 exam to renew their title without having to start the entire process again.


During the year 2024, CAC exams do not need to be taken in consecutive order. However, starting from 2025, the same rules as those of CMX will apply.