Do I need to take the exams in consecutive order, starting from Level 1 to Level 3?

It is a requirement to pass all three CMX or CAC levels in consecutive order. Candidates must pass Level 1, then Level 2, and finally Level 3 to attain the CMX or CAC Titles.

For instance, if a candidate wishes to register for the Level 3 exam, they must have an active Level 2 title at the time of registration. Similarly, a candidate needs to have an active Level 1 title to register for a Level 2 exam.

An exception applies for candidates renewing an active title, in which case they can retake the same exam level. For example, a candidate with an active Level 3 title, but whose Level 1 and Level 2 titles have expired, can directly register for the Level 3 exam to renew their title without having to start the entire process again.